July 2017: Angela submitted her thesis to the University of  Southern Denmark. Congratulations.

June 2017: David has just had his paper ‘Yeast multi-stress resistance and lag-phase characterization during wine fermentation’ published in FEMS Yeast Research. It will be available soon and will also feature in the ISSY FEMS Virtual Special Issue.

Our partners at VTT together with leading researchers in the field of brewing have published a fascinating review article in the June issue of FEMS Yeast Research  ‘New yeasts – new brews: modern approaches to brewing yeast design and development’.

Angela’s paper  ‘Microorganism design for heterologous biosynthesis of cannabinoids’ was also published in FEMS Yeast Research this month.

May 2017: May is proving to be a bumper month for publications:   Leonie and the team at Chalmers recently published their work in Nature Communications ‘Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of very long chain fatty acid-derived chemicals’

Raúl  published  a paper with Nurzhan this month in PLOS Biology entitled ‘Evolutionary restoration of fertility in an interspecies hybrid yeast, by whole-genome duplication after a failed mating-type switch’. Great to see joint publications coming from the YEASTCELL consortium.

Javier’s paper was published in the May edition of FEMS Yeast Research ‘Polymorphisms in the LAC12 gene explain lactose utilisation variability in Kluyveromyces marxianus strains.’

April 2017: Monks and Microbes – Linking European history, brewing, and yeast research:

Monks and microbes

On the 8th April, YEASTCELL coordinator, John Morrissey, presented the many ways in which yeast has influenced European history and society. He brought the crowd on a journey through time as an introduction to the power of yeast and its many current uses. His story covered inter-species breeding, trade wars, genetic engineering, and, perhaps most importantly, just why beer is so delicious. Alongside John’s talk, Kate Clancy, beer sommelier and marketing manager of Cork’s Franciscan Well Brew pub gave a tour of their onsite brewery and led an informative tasting of their Friar Weisse and Chieftain beers. Deliciously informative! For more information on other ‘Yeast’ events click here.

March 2017: The University of Bicocca (Italy) in collaboration with Chalmers (Sweden) are offering the following summer school from 4-8 September 2017


Download Flyer

Manuela’s paper was accepted to the journal Applied Microbial Biotechnology. It describes ‘De novo biosynthesis of trans-cinnamic derivatives in Saccharomyces cerevisiae’

January 2017: The review article ‘Novel brewing yeast hybrids: creation and application‘ was published by the team at VTT in Applied Microbial Biotechnology

November 2016: Leonie  published  a paper this month in the journal Biotechnology and Bioengineering entitled ‘Establishing very long-chain fatty alcohol and wax ester biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae’

helsinki_1September 2016: Matthias and David joined Frederico in Helsinki to present YEASTCELL at the Marie Curie Researcher’s Night. The event, held at the Helsinki Science Museum was organized by VTT one of our partner institutes. The ESRs displayed posters in the EU researcher’s corner and spoke to visitors and high school students about YEASTCELL.


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