August 2018: This month Leonie started a new job as a researcher with BioPhero at DTU Science Park. They use novel fermentation technologies to produce insect pheromones; an environmentally friendly solution for pest management.We wish Leonie good luck in her new position.

June 2018: Javier successfully defended his thesis on 5th June.  Congratulations Dr Varela.De7q1pGVMAALw2d

May 2018: Dr Manuela Gottardi is the 6th ESR to defend their thesis. Only 5 to go…… more than half way there.


March 2018: The number of YEASTCELL publications hits 30 as Matthias and the team at INRA have their paper ‘QTL mapping of volatile compound production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during alcoholic fermentation‘ accepted in BMC genomics.

February 2018: Nuri has just taken up a post-doc position at the University of Illinois in Urbana–Champaign. We wish him the best of luck  with his adventures Stateside.

The first viva of 2018 done and dusted. Congratulations Dr Raul Ortiz-Merino.

Raul Viva

January 2018: Raúl has started a new job at TU Delft – staying in the YEASTCELL network. Angela also took up a research scientist position at River Stone Biotech in Copenhagen. Good luck to them both.

December 2017:

Matthias viva2Another successful PhD defense at INRA – two in two days – we can hardly keep up. Congratulations Matthias Eder.

David VivaCongratulations David Ferreira – another YEASTCELL PhD thesis defended today. Joint Doctorate from UCC and INRA Montpellier. David pictured here with one of his supervisors Anne Ortiz-Julien from Lallemand.


November 2017: Congratulations to Angela de Carvalho who completed her research at Evolva, Copenhagen and was awarded her PhD by the University of Southern Denmark this month.

October 2017: Paola, Nuri and John after a successful PhD defence in Milan. Congratulations Nuri.


August 2017: Raúl featured on page 5 of this months FEMS affiliates newsletter for his prize winning presentation at ISSY33.



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