MSCA Fellowships

Postdoctoral Research Opportunities in the Field of Yeast and Fungal Biology

If you are an ambitious researcher with a strong track record of achievement, then we would like to support your application for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (IF) in 2015.

We are a group of 4 Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITNs) based in top European universities, research institutes and companies. Each ITN; YEASTCELL, FungiBrain, ImResFun, Quantfung and Cornucopia can offer post-doctoral researchers exciting opportunities in fundamental research linked to yeast and fungal biology. Post-docs will have the possibility to propose projects in the main thematic areas of these ITNs (see below) and will benefit from collaboration and secondment opportunities within the networks.

The main research theme for this ITN is to study and modify physiology and metabolism in industrial yeasts, generating designer strains with traits that are commercially relevant for brewing, fermentation and production of commodity chemicals. The team has expertise in bioinformatics; modelling and systems biology; metabolic and evolutionary engineering.

The core research theme for this ITN is identification and characterization of the exogenous and endogenous signals that govern polarized hyphal growth. The team are also interested in unravelling the molecular and genetic bases of fungal pathogenicity, using fungal tropism screens of mutant and chemical libraries, in order to advance antifungal drug discovery.

The research themes for this ITN are based around host-fungus relationships, particularly investigating the host immune response to fungal infection. Related to this topic, the team have an interest in diagnosis and identification of biomarkers of fungal infections, antifungal drug discovery and drug resistance. Their expertise include genomic and proteomic methodologies, microarray based diagnostics and drug screening tools.

The research theme for this ITN centres on the identification of new secondary metabolite clusters in novel fungi. The team are interested in the molecular regulation of secondary metabolite biosynthesis and in their production and bioactivity in model fungal factories. The team has expertise in synthetic biology, ‘omics’ level analysis, network analysis and modelling.

Further Details
• To apply, contact the Principal Investigator (PI) whose research is of interest to you. Contact should be by email with MSCA IF fellowship application in the subject line.
• PIs will support credible candidates to prepare an MSCA IF fellowship application.
• The submission deadline is 10th September 2015.


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