ISSY33 – Exploring and engineering yeasts for industrial application was held in Cork from 26-29 June 2017.

ISSY33 delegates just before lunch – hungry but happy

ISSY33 was the final event of YEASTCELL, marking the culmination of our training programme and so the mood was celebratory (PhDs nearly finished) but tinged with a little sadness (no more YEASTCELL gatherings). The YEASTCELL coordinator John Morrissey chaired the meeting, and was assisted in selecting speakers, chairing sessions and judging posters by the very willing partners of the consortium.

Frederico describing new hybrids for wine & cider production

The themes of ISSY33 reflected the most recent and exciting developments from the world of yeast biotechnology. On the beverage side, the world of brewing research is catching up with the wine yeast sector due to the isolation, in 2011, of Saccharomyces eubayanus, the missing parent of the hybrid yeast used for brewing lager. New hybrid strains, application of genomic and other technologies and use of non-Saccharomyces yeasts in beverages were discussed.

Leonie giving a talk on fatty acid & wax ester production

Two conference sessions were dedicated to the development of yeast cell factories for production of valuable products. Presentations describing the development of yeast strains to produce molecules such as fatty acids, fatty alcohols, organic acids and chemical precursors linked very well with the YEASTCELL research topics. The final theme addressed the importance of stress responses and strain robustness during alcoholic or industrial fermentation.

If you want to learn more about the research presented at ISSY33, a selection of recent papers published in FEMS Yeast Research by YEASTCELL ESRs and ISSY33 invited speakers have been collated in a  virtual special issue.

Jens and prizewinner

Jens Nielsen presenting Raúl with his FEMS poster prize

Overall the YEASTCELL ESRs proved excellent ambassador’s for the project; 5 gave talks, 2 delivered flash poster presentations and the remaining 3 presented posters. David won a prize for his talk on stress resistance during wine fermentation. Raúl won the prize for best poster preview and Matthias and Frederico were awarded poster prizes.

The presence of our 11th ESR, Angela was very much missed but she had a very important event in her diary – thesis submission. Congratulations Angela on being the first to get over the line.