Beer, Bread and Biotech

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Public lecture at 7pm:  “Monks, beer and yeast – Intertwining Science and European History”

Europe’s original scientists wore robes, not lab coats, and worked in draughty monasteries where they perfected, among other things, the techniques for brewing the beers that Europe is famous for.  They made a soup of grains and hops and watched as it was transformed into nourishing beer – entirely unaware of the existence of the invisible microbe responsible for this transformation. Historically, this beer was essential in times when water carried disease. Beer sustained armies, voyages of exploration, and monastic centres of learning.

On 28th June, YEASTCELL coordinator, John Morrissey, will  present yeast biotechnology, past, present. You will be brought on a journey that describes the many ways in which yeast has influenced European history and society and its many current uses. His story will cover inter-species breeding, trade wars, brewing, wine-making, genetic engineering, and modern day yeast biotechnology.

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